AXA, Kiss and his Sons

Agricultural, Trading and Industrial Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: AXA Ltd.) was founded by Sándor Kiss and his Sons, jr. Sándor and Csaba in 1990.

The Founder as graduated Food Engineer intended to act in his profession and both produce and trade with foodstuff on industrial base.

As a consequence AXA Ltd. managed to create all the requisite conditions by purchasing a high performance cone machine, establishing the factory site and getting all relating permissions.

At the first stage we started to produce four types of sugar cones, but within a 2 year’s period the increased customer demands enabled us to build on our own appropriate factory site and a warehouse.

Based on the aforesaid investments we got assigned to produce several million confectioned ice cream cones for the ice cream industry for 10years.

During that time we also prepared for manufacturing further types of cones and bought several automatic high performance cone machines for producing both pressed (moulded)cones.

While our throughout acting we focus on always meeting the food safety regulations as well as the quality insurance.

We also take care of supplying our customers with our products by delivering the goods with our own box vehicles at their premises.

Based on the continuous developments we have managed to manufacture over 60 types of cones to provide a wide range of assortment for meeting the all-time demands of our valued customers by now.